More than 490 Pokémon appear in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.  Sometimes when you become friends with Pokémon that you've defeated in the dungeon, it will join your team.
Let's look at some of the recommended Pokémon that can join the team up to this point in story!!

Befriended dungeon: "Drenched Bluff"
Recommended Move: "Growl"

Decreases the Attack of all enemies in the room!

Befriended dungeon: "Drenched Bluff"
Recommended Move: "Mud-Slap"

Causes damage, as well as decreases the hit rate of the opponent!

Befriended dungeon: "Mt. Bristle"
Recommended Move: "Quick Attack"

Allows for attacks on enemies that are two squares ahead!

Befriended dungeon: "Apple Woods"
Recommended Move: "Stun Spore"

Makes the opponent paralyzed! Paralyzed subjects will have difficulty moving.

Befriended dungeon: "Apple Woods" (only in Explorers of Time)
Recommended Move: "Sweet Scent"

Decreases dodge rate of all enemies in the room! Chances of attack hitting the subject will become more likely.

Befriended dungeon: "Apple Woods" (only in Explorers of Darkness)
Recommended Move: "Protect"

Protects from opponents' Moves!

More and more Pokémon will be able to join the team as the story goes on!

Exclusive items can make certain Pokémon more powerful. Some exclusive items that can be traded for more powerful items at Croagunk Swap Shop include those that produce an effect on certain types of Pokémon.
Let's look at some of them, exclusive items for "Fire" and "Dragon" types.

Fire Dust

Fiery Globe

Dragon Dust

Dragon Globe

These are items that are effective on many Pokémon. Collect different types of exclusive items and see for yourself!

Looking through the Job Bulletin Board at The Guild, you may find a job offering to go on an exploration together to a dungeon you have never heard of or seen before.
These are dungeons that you can go only by accepting these jobs.
If you come across one, don't miss your chance and go on an exploration to an unknown dungeon!

You've found a job for an exploration to an unknown dungeon!
What treasures will you find? Let's go on an exploration!

Information about jobs and outlaws on the bulletin board can be shared with your friends' software by using Wonder Mail. This means that you can let your friends go to the unknown dungeons that you have gone to.
Wonder Mail is a password that is shown when opening a job detail. Enter this password from the top menu, "Wonder Mail."
In this version, wireless connection can be used to send and receive Wonder Mails. Now you can very easily and conveniently exchange Wonder Mails with friends nearby.

Share with your friends the password shown here.

You can also share with simple wireless connection!

Go to the Official Pokémon Website for more information!