The new games introduce many more new systems.  Let's look at new systems related to Treasure Town facilities that have just been revealed.
You may receive Pokémon egg as a gratitude for a "Job" you have accomplished.  The egg you received may be deposited at "Chansey Day Care" in Treasure Town.

After you've deposited an egg, its progress can be watched here.
As you continue on your adventures, the egg will be hatched before you know it!
The hatched Pokémon can be added as an exploration team member!

You've received an egg as a thank-you for a job!

Let's head to "Chansey Day Care"!

Which Pokémon do you think will become?

Nidoran (female) was hatched!  Befriend her and go on an adventure together!

Sometimes in the dungeon, you'll come across a "Treasure Box" with an unknown content.  Because you don't know what it is, you will not be able to use it.

"Xatu Appraisal" is where you go for appraising the "Treasure Box" to find out what the item is.

If you've picked up a "Treasure Box" in the dungeons, bring it here!  Pay an amount of Pok?, and what the item is will be immediately appraised.
It could possibly be an exclusive item.

This is a "Treasure Box"!

Let's go to Xatu for appraisement!

It was an exclusive item!!

In one corner of Treasure Town, "Marowak Dojo" is a facility that has rooms constructed like the real dungeons.  You can train as an exploration team while learning the compatibilities of types.

The dojo has may rooms that are named after types, for example the "Normal/Fly Maze."  Choose any one you want!

The selection of rooms will grow as the story proceeds.  It is perfect for testing your team's potential!

Talk to Marowak in the building for information.

Choose the room you want to enter from the list.

There is a special room at the Marowak Dojo called the "Explorer Maze."
To challenge the "Explorer Maze," you must first execute the command "Trade Team."  This will be added to the top menu after the story has proceeded to a certain point.

There are two menus here: "Receive Team" and "Send Team."  You can send and receive exploration teams with your friends via wireless connection.

You can battle the teams you've received in the "Explorer Maze" at Marowak Dojo.
Test your teams' potentials by exchanging teams with your friends!

By receiving a team from other players like this, you can battle them in the Explorer Maze!
* You will not lose any Pokémon from your software when you send a team.

Rescuing is not the only thing you can do with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
You can also "Trade Team" with other players from all over using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

With Wi-Fi connection, you can receive teams from other players all over by filtering the teams depending on various conditions.
Of course, you can send in your own team too.  Let's send in your proud team!

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