One attraction of "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time" and "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness" is to form an exploration team and go on various "explorations" while going around numerous dungeons.
There are various kinds of explorations, including finding "Outlaws" that have committed crimes and are on the run, and straying around the dungeons to seek rare items, which can truly be called a "Treasure Hunt."
During your adventures, you may come across "Precious" or "Ultimate" treasures that are rarely found.

Unexplored lands and new continents that nobody has seen before await!
Unforeseen hidden treasure may be waiting for you! Let's head off to a new dungeon!

To become a full-fledged exploration team, you must go through trainings.
The Guild - this is the facility where you and your partner will spend night and day together, to be apprenticed to go through trainings.

Upon your departure for explorations, various information such as information on outlaws, where treasures are, and jobs from other Pokémon in need of help will be gathered to The Guild. Missions will be given from The Guild according to your level of progress. Start your training from easy explorations to build experience.

The Guild has various other features.

At The Guild where you will stay, you'll find many Pokémon other than yourselves. Let's introduce you to some Pokémon who live in The Guild.

As you can see from the appearance of The Guild, this is the boss of The Guild, Wigglytuff.
Contrary to its gentle way of speech, every member of The Guild is afraid of Wigglytuff...!
Is has a great deal of potential.
The first protégé of the boss Wigglytuff.
It is the most informed of all in The Guild.
Although sometimes fussy, it will help you in many ways.
Bidoof was the lowest ranking before you joined The Guild.
It is thrilled to have a junior.
Bidoof is a sweet Pokémon that has a characteristic way of speaking.
* Images are development screenshots.