Rescue Team!  Ready to go out for a rescue?!
All sorts of events are happening all over the place. After you form a Rescue Team, rescue jobs will be delivered to your mailbox or posted on the bulletin board. Mission destinations will vary, including lava caves, steep rock canyons, and completely white iceberg regions.
GameImage/Enough space This is the Rescue Team Base, on the outskirts of Pokémon Square where Pokémon live. It is also your home after you've been turned into a Pokémon. Pelipper will deliver rescue requests to the mailbox in front of the Rescue Team Base. apple
GameImage/Friend Rescue GameImage/Discovery!
A rescue job was posted on the bulletin board at Pelipper Post Office. You proceeded into the dungeon and found Poochyena who asked for help. After safely returning to Pokémon Square, you received 5 Rescue rank points!! GameImage/RESCUE Rank up
By going on many successful rescue missions you will earn Rescue rank points, and your rank will go up. You will then be able to go on higher-level rescue missions.
Aim for the Gold Rank, every rescue team's dream!
* The game screenshots are those from while under development.
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