illust/AKA NO KYUJOTAI "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon AO NO KYUJOTAI"
(for Nintendo DS) and
"Pokémon Mystery Dungeon AKA NO KYUJOTAI"
co-developed with The Pokémon Company, are now on sale!
Illus.Ken Sugimori
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon AO NO KYUJOTAI
Hardware: Nintendo DS
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon AKA NO KYUJOTAI
Sales Agency: The Pokémon Company
Manufacture/Distribution: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Genre: Dungeon RPG
Release date: November 17, 2005
Suggested retail price: 4,800 yen (including tax) each
Illus.Ken Sugimori

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"Mystery Dungeon" is a registered trade name of CHUNSOFT Co., Ltd.

(Language: Japanese)

One day, you find yourself turned into a Pokémon!
When you awake, you are in a strange land, transformed into a Pokémon!!
It is a world in which only by Pokémon live, with no humans.
Your adventure starts here with the first Pokémon you meet (your partner).
GameImage/One day, you find yourself turned into a Pokémon! You were turned into Charmander.
The Pokémon you and your partner will become will vary according to your answers to the Personality Test!
Which Pokémon do you think you will be?
Form a Rescue Team!
Recently in the Pokémon world, more and more natural disasters are occurring, and everyone is distressed. Your partner Pokémon saw potential in your battling ability, and asked you if you want to join the Rescue Team. You are going to form a team together.
A request of help GameImage/??? GameImage/Try Rescue Team?
Rescue jobs will be delivered to your mailbox, or posted on the bulletin board at Pelipper Post Office. When you succeed in a mission, you earn Rescue rank points according to its difficulty. The rank of your Rescue Team increases by collecting these points. GameImage/Help a child!
What is Mystery Dungeon?
Mystery Dungeon is literally a "mysterious" dungeon, where the layout of the dungeon or Items you can find changes every time you enter it. Use wisely the different "Items" and "Moves" that you learn as your level increases to proceed deeper into the dungeon!
GameImage/Dungeon1 In the dungeon, battles are "turn-based" so when you make a move or an attack, the opponent will also make one move. If you think and act carefully, you will be able to make efficient attacks and receive less damage.
GameImage/Dungeonン2 GameImage/Dungeon3
* The game screenshots are those from while under development.
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