There are over 380 types of Pokémon that you can go on adventures with!
You and your partner Pokémon are the only members when you first form a Rescue Team, but you can recruit various Pokémon as you go on with your adventure.
There are over 380 types of Pokémon that you can go on adventures with!
GameImage/Friends1 GameImage/Friends2
You'll be able to befriend Pokémon in the dungeon as the story goes on.
Keep in mind their features and the Moves they have learned to form the best team to go into the dungeon with!
Collect Pokémons in the Friend Area!
With so many Pokémons around, there won't be enough space in the secret base for all the Pokémon you've befriended. In this case, go to Wigglytuff Club!
At the Wigglytuff Club, you can buy Friend Areas where Pokémon can live.
GameImage/A place to live in? Magnemite will join you, but there is no place for it to live. Then let's buy a Friend Area suitable for Magnemite!
There are many selections. Which will be your choice?
GameImage/Friend Areas GameImage/you can buy Friend Areas
Sometimes, when you defeat a Pokémon in the dungeon, it might join you if you already have a Friend Area suitable for that Pokémon!
GameImage/Friend Area1 Charmander GameImage/Friend Area2
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