Shiren Lesson

Welcome to our Short Video Archive for Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island!
Explore tutorials and gameplay highlights showcasing various aspects of the game.

Shiren Lesson 1Turn-based

Shiren the Wanderer is a turn-based system where the player takes an action, and the monster responds with its own. You can take your time to strategize without pressure, making it enjoyable for beginners!

Shiren Lesson 2Story

Beyond the challenging dungeon exploration, the story enhances the charm of Shiren the Wanderer! Even if you stumble in the middle of the adventure, the experience will surely not be in vain.

Shiren Lesson 3Hunger

The Fullness level is as important as managing HP. If it hits 0, Shiren's HP will continue to decrease, but having an Onigiri will help! Eating Grass can also alleviate hunger just a little bit.

Shiren Lesson 4Identify

Unidentified items found in dungeons can be identified using specific items or by interacting with them. For example, if it's a pot, try putting an item in. If it's a bracelet, equip it and see if it changes.

Shiren Lesson 5Rescue

If you collapse in the dungeon, you can call for help from other players with the Rescue feature. If waiting for someone to pick you up where you fell isn't an option, you can go at it solo with Rescue Self.

Shiren Lesson 6Projectile Shortcut

You can register Arrows, Rocks, and Staves in the Projectile Shortcut to use them via hotkey without opening the inventory. Up to four items can be registered!

Shiren Lesson 7Monster Dojo

Practice makes perfect! Head to the Monster Dojo, where you can freely place monsters, items, and traps you've encountered. Learn the ins-and-outs of the Mystery Dungeon!

Shiren Lesson 8Handy Dash

A normal dash runs to the end of a hall or room, but Handy Dash lets you sprint amid rooms and even scoop up items as you go! Just be careful or you might run directly into a monster ambush!

Shiren Lesson 9Traps

Various traps fill the dungeon, which can spell disaster if you fall into them. But some can be used to your advantage. Watch your step and swing a weapon to uncover hidden traps.

Shiren Lesson 10Companions

Shiren's journey is filled with chance encounters. Some new friends may act as Companions, each offering unique abilities to help you conquer the Mystery Dungeon!

Shiren Lesson 11Recovery Methods

Herbs and Rejuvenation Pots are best for curing what ails Shiren, but you can also pass turns to regain HP and run out Status Ailments. Use it strategically, even in battle, to stay healthy!

Shiren Lesson 12Runes

Some weapons and shields have special Runes attached. You can check the effects of these on the details screen. You may discover a strategy that you were not aware of when trying out different equipment.

Shiren Lesson 13Synthesis

Weapons and shields can be strengthened using the Synthesis Pot. It also allows you to transfer Runes across gear. The number of Runes varies depending on the equipment, so be sure to check how many can be synthesized!

Shiren Lesson 14Pillars

There are sometimes unusual walls lined up in a room. These are pillars, which can be broken without a pickaxe, and items are hidden inside sometimes. Be cautious, as you might find an enemy ambush instead!

Shiren Lesson 15Roamers

In addition to monsters, sometimes Roamers wander around the dungeon. They will assist Shiren on his journey, such as by trading items. Let's try talking to them when you encounter them.