The dungeon is full of useful items that can assist in your adventure, such as Weapons, Shields, and Bracelets.
Equipping a Weapon or Shield increases your Attack or Defense Power, respectively. Bracelets yield a variety of special, powerful effects. Nearly every piece of Equipment comes with a unique effect, allowing you to mix-and-match to prepare yourself for any encounter.
Weapons and Shields can be enhanced into more powerful forms through processes like Upgrading and Synthesis.


Specific Weapons and Shields are part of a set. When you equip a set, the Weapon and Shield will generate a special effect called "Resonance", which can make both items stronger or yield a unique ability.
You can check the requirements to achieve Resonance and what effects different sets of items have in the Item Notes.

Upgrade Value

Every Weapon and Shield has a Base Value, which represents their minimum degree of strength. They also have an Upgrade Value, which can increase or decrease the wielder's Attack or Defense Power.
You can increase a Weapon or Shield's Upgrade Value by visiting a Blacksmith, or by using special items in the dungeon. You can also increase the Upgrade Value through Synthesis.


Sometimes you'll find Weapons and Shields that have special traits attached to them. These are called Runes.
Runes are valuable assets with a wide variety of unique perks, such as increasing damage against a specific type of monster or even completely nullifying certain negative effects.

In addition, there are rare categories of Runes called "Natural Runes," found on some of the "Sacred" Weapons and Shields. These Natural Runes have unique effects that can't be obtained anywhere else.


Synthesis is a special process that combines two or more items of the same type into a single new item. Synthesizing Weapons or Shields can boost their Upgrade Value, and take Runes from one item and attach them to another. It's a powerful, useful feature that needs careful consideration to make your ideal gear.
You can perform Synthesis by finding a Synthesis Pot item. If you're lucky, you'll come across the Mixer monster, which can perform a special kind of Synthesis all its own.


Normally, you can only combine Weapons or Shields using a Synthesis Pot. But the Mixer family of monsters can perform a special type of Synthesis called "Cross-Mixing", which can combine almost any item. If you feed a Mixer different items, like a Weapon and a Grass, it may combine them together into something truly unique.

Sacred Items

A Sacred Item is a rare piece of equipment that carries random enhanced abilities.
There are two types of increasingly rare and powerful Sacred items: Blue and Golden. Sacred items generally have a higher Base Value and more Rune Slots than regular equipment, so seek them out to gain a mighty advantage.

Sacred Item Features

- Often has a higher Base Value than regular equipment.
- Sometimes has a Rune attached that is not normally found on the regular version of that equipment.
- Sometimes has a powerful Natural Rune attached to it.

Sumo Status

There are many status conditions and effects, but one of the most powerful is the Sumo status. Shiren gains this Sumo power when his Fullness exceeds 150 and loses it when his Fullness goes below 120.
Since Shiren's Fullness can be increased or changed by eating Onigiri and certain items, you can control when you gain this mighty form.

In this state, Shiren gains many advantages, such as increased Attack Power, boosted Max HP, and the ability to nullify Traps by crushing them underfoot. Shiren can't be forcibly moved by monsters, but neither can he use items like the Vaulting Staff or Leaping Grass to move around himself.

Effects of the Sumo Status

- Increased Max HP and Attack Power.
- Walking over Traps harmlessly destroys them.
- Shiren can knock down walls, digging through them with normal attacks regardless of the Weapon equipped.
- Shiren is immune to effects or items that would normally force him to move.


There exist mysterious gates that are said to lead to another realm filled with giant, powerful monsters called Behemoths. Sometimes these Behemoth Gates open up inside the dungeon, so beware if you see one on the map.
Behemoths are far more powerful than any normal monster. They wield extremely high Attack Power and are completely immune to attacks from the front or sides thanks to their defensive Behemoth Barrier.
If you come across a Behemoth, the best option is to run!

Behemoth Features

- Comes from Behemoth Gates and sporadically disappears after some time.
- Extremely high Attack Power.
- Immune to attacks from the front and sides.
- Slow movement speed due to their enormous size.
- Vulnerable to attacks from behind.

Monster Dojo

The Monster Dojo is a special facility where you can simulate dungeon encounters and practice to your heart's content, allowing you to learn and train to face the real thing.
Inside the Monster Dojo, you can freely place monsters, items, and Traps that you've previously encountered in dungeons.
Learn all the tricks monsters have at their disposal and experiment to develop a winning strategy that will carry you to victory.

Adventure Log and Notebook

The Adventure Log is a record of everything you encounter during your trek through the dungeon. It contains information on your progress, such as the furthest floor reached, how many turns you took, the types of monsters encountered on each floor, and other useful data. You can use this information to track your personal bests and prepare for each trip into the dungeon.

The Notebook categorizes information about Monsters, Items, Runes, Status Conditions, and Traps. This handy compilation allows you to easily review the traits and effects of whatever you've encountered prior, even when you're currently exploring the dungeon.


When a player collapses in a dungeon, they can submit a rescue request (not available in some floors).
The rescue is successful if the rescuer can reach the player who requested the request.
The rescued player can then resume play at the floor they collapsed on without losing any belongings.

When connected to the Internet and a rescue request is submitted, it gets posted on the Rescue Board, where wanderers from all over the world gather. Other wanderers will come to the rescue, and the requester can simply wait for assistance. If assistance from a specific player is desired, the Rescue ID issued during the Internet connection can be shared, allowing friends to help each other.

If there is no Internet connection available or if assistance isn't readily accessible, one can employ Rescue Self to navigate and resolve the situation on their own. Collaborate with fellow wanderers from around the world to support each other and strive to conquer the dungeon.

Rules for Rescue

- On a single dungeon challenge, a rescue request can be made up to three times. *There are dungeons where rescue requests cannot be issued
- The rescuer will traverse the exact replica of the dungeon that the player collapsed in
- The room the player collapsed in becomes a Monster House
- The rescuer can't bring back any Gitan or items they find

Aid Points

Aid Points are consumed when setting up Rescue Aids, and can be earned by Rescuing other wanderers.
Aid Points are useful for facilitating rescues; for example, Level 10 Aid allows the rescuer to start at level 10. The more powerful the Aid, the more points are required.

Parallel Play

Parallel Play is a feature that enables players to upload saved data (parallel data) created at any point during a dungeon adventure to the server, allowing other players to challenge the continuation.
By sharing the Parallel ID issued at the time of parallel data creation, the receiving player can challenge the dungeon under the same circumstances and conditions.

*The items and Gitan obtained during Parallel Play cannot be brought back.*Parallel data can only be shared among players of matching language.

Fun ways to enjoy
Parallel Play

Finding a solution to a desperate situation

Since any number of people can attempt it under the same circumstances, they may be able to find a route to survival if they pool their wisdom.

Time Trial with multiple players

Parallel play allows players to challenge each other under the same conditions, providing a fairer way to compete in skill.

Conquering the dungeon by taking turns

Additional parallel data can be created during parallel play, allowing the 99-floor dungeon to be played in a relay format.