Shiren the Wander is a long-running roguelike RPG series in which the goal is to traverse the Mystery Dungeon, the structure of which changes each time you enter. You will encounter different situations each time you challenge the game, making it enjoyable no matter how many times you play it.

On this page, we will introduce helpful tips for playing Shiren the Wanderer.
If you read it along with the "How to Play" section, which you can find in the game, you will be able to clear the dungeon on your own, even if you are new to the game.

Mystery Dungeon

You can advance by reaching an exit or stairs somewhere on the floor.
Tough monsters and troublesome traps await you in the dungeon.
Your adventure will end if your HP reaches zero, so make the most of the items you have on hand to clear the dungeon.

Wanderer's Code: One

Let's Learn About the Basics

Shiren and the monsters will be able to move and attack in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions.
Melee attacks cannot reach monsters around corners, but ranged attacks can.

Main Operations

Move in any direction with the control stick or +Control Pad.
Attack a monster by pressing the A Button towards them. Both Shiren and monsters can sometimes miss an attack.
Projectile Items
Attack from a distance using Arrows, Rocks, and Staves. A Stave's Magic Bullet can't miss its target, but some monsters can deflect it.
Turn In Place
You can also turn around on the spot by holding Y and pressing the directional buttons.
Diagonal Move
You can move diagonally by holding down the R button and pressing the directional buttons.
Run in Place
Holding down A+B allows you to run in place and quickly pass turns, which can be useful when you want to recover HP. Be careful, however, as it also reduces Fullness.
Holding down the B Button while moving allows you to cover a long distance quickly. If you Dash across an item, you can stand on its spot without picking it up.

Wanderer's Code: Two

Let's Learn About Stats

The game screen constantly displays your current level, HP, Fullness, and other vital information. Make sure to keep an eye on them while exploring the dungeon.

Even if you lose HP in battle, you don't need to use items just to recover. Walking around will naturally regenerate lost HP as turns pass.
However, it is important to keep your HP high, as you may unexpectedly come across harmful traps or dangerous monsters.
Recovering HP
If you don't have or want to use items to restore lost HP, you can recover by walking around or running in place.
If you need to immediately regain HP when danger is near, make use of various Grasses or a Rejuvenation Pot.
Managing your Fullness is the most important factor when traversing the dungeon.
Fullness depletes as turns pass, and you'll start losing HP once it reaches zero.
The best way to restore Fullness is to stay well-fed, so stock up on Onigiri to eat when your Fullness gets low!
Fixer Scroll
This handy scroll is just the thing to help you in times of trouble. It provides various effects, depending on the situation you're in. If read while your Fullness is at 0, it will restore your Fullness and any lost HP.
Strength is a value that affects Shiren's Attack Power and how many Bracelets can be equipped. You can increase it by eating Strength Grass or equipping a Strength Bracelet.
If your Strength exceeds 10, you can equip two Bracelets at the same time to gain different effects or possibly boost a single effect.
Your Strength will be decreased if you get Poisoned, so it's important to recover with Antidote Grass, a Cleansing Bracelet, or other means.

Wanderer's Code: Three

Let's Learn About Taking Turns

Shiren the Wanderer is a turn-based game where each time Shiren takes a turn, the monsters will also take a turn. Monsters will not move unless an action is taken, allowing for strategic gameplay that requires careful thought and planning.
Monsters take their turn after Shiren does, meaning they can get a hit in if you move next to them and into their attack range. If a monster is nearby, you can get the first strike instead by swinging your sword to pass the turns and letting them come to you.

Wanderer's Code: Four

Let's Check the Entire Floor

There are many items that can be found in the dungeon.
Your experience will be smoother if you're well-equipped with weapons and items. So, if you can spare some Fullness, try to thoroughly explore each floor for items or shops.
It's also important to level up Shiren by defeating monsters so that you won't struggle on upcoming floors.

Items to Obtain

Revival Grass
Automatically revives you one time when your HP hits zero. It's reassuring to always try and keep some on hand in case something unexpected happens.
Grasses /
Rejuvenation Pots
Recovery items that are helpful in case of emergencies.
Preservation Pot
Store items inside and increase inventory space.
A deliciously important item that restores Fullness.

Wanderer's Code: Five

Let's Understand Items

You can check the items you obtained with the Details menu.
Understand their effects and utilize them appropriately in different situations.

Scrolls have a variety of effects, including being able to affect an entire room of monsters. When read in a passage, they will only affect immediately adjacent targets.
Staves shoot a Magic Bullet toward a single target. Staves have many uses, such as a means of transportation via the Vaulting Staff.
While Grasses have both good and bad effects, they all restore a little Fullness. Grass with a negative effect can be thrown at monsters to inflict them with a Status Effect. Just be careful not to get hit by any yourself!
Incense affects the entire floor for a period of time. Each one has a different characteristic that may help you get an edge in the dungeon.

Wanderer's Code: Six

Let's Learn About Unidentified Items

Unidentified items, such as Bracelets and Pots, can be found in the dungeon.
You can use an Identifier Scroll or Identifier Pot to learn what those items are.
Items, including those found on the floor, remain identified until you exit the dungeon.

If you don't have any Identifying items, you can use trial and error or speculate by their selling price to try and figure it out yourself.
You can give Unidentified items a custom name. Use that feature to keep track of your deductions.

Example Items

After equipping, Strength increased by 3Strength Bracelet
You put in an itemyou could take it outPreservation PotYou put in an itemit turned into a different itemTransmutation Pot

Wanderer's Code: Seven

Let's Learn About Monsters

It is important to understand the characteristics of monsters if you want to succeed in the dungeon.
Information on monsters you encounter can be reviewed in the Monster Notes, so be sure to check them often. There might be secrets you haven't realized yet.

Features of Bowboy
and Pop Tank family

They will attack if you are straight ahead of them in the same room.
In hallways, they won't attack if you keep at least one tile between you and them.

Features of Froggo
and Thiefwalrus family

They steal items, or Gitan, from Shiren and run away. The stolen items can be retrieved once you defeat them.
They will always drop an item if you can defeat them before they steal from you.

Wanderer's Code: Eight

Let's Hone Your Judgement

Since your objective is to reach the end of the dungeon, it's crucial to manage your resources carefully.
As you keep challenging the dungeon, you'll develop a sense of when to fight, flee, or use items when encountering danger.

Example Scenarios

When you encounter a monster…

Stand and fight
If you're not in a situation where several monsters surround you, it's safe to simply defeat the monster. The maximum HP value will increase when you level up.
Retreat to a hallway
When outnumbered, move to a narrow passage and fight the monsters one at a time.
Use an item
If you find yourself up against a strong enemy or have little means of recovery, try attacking with projectiles. Arrows and thrown items can soften a foe up before they get to you.

When fighting strong monsters...

Slow them down
If a monster is slowed via Sluggish Staff or Poison Grass, you can avoid getting hit by taking a step back every time you attack.
Ranged attacks
Attack from a distance with Arrows and Rocks. If the monster gets close, push it away with the Knockback Staff. You can also relocate yourself with the Vaulting Staff to keep your distance from enemies.
It is wiser to escape than to force yourself into a losing battle.

Even if you collapse in the dungeon, don't give up! As you keep playing, your Notebook will fill with new information, and new content will be unlocked. Rise, and rise again!
Enjoy exploring the Mystery Dungeon and take Shiren to new heights!