• Shiren

    The protagonist of the story. A heroic wanderer who travels the world in search of adventure.

  • Koppa

    Shiren's loyal partner and fellow adventurer. Koppa is one of the last "talking ferrets"—strange creatures that can speak human language.

  • Asuka

    A wandering swordswoman who is old friends with Shiren and Koppa. She's come to Serpentcoil Island for her own reasons and is reunited with her allies.

  • Suzuna

    The cheerful innkeeper at
    Uzumaki-Ya, ready to support Shiren and Koppa while they plan their adventures on Serpentcoil Island.

  • Hibiki

    The young Quartermaster of the Red Orca Pirates. She loathes greedy people and follow the Red Orca motto of only taking what's needed.
    Hibiki travels to Serpentcoil Island in search of a particular lost treasure.

  • Sokusen

    The loyal Boatswain of the Red Orca Pirates, and Hibiki's right-hand man.
    He accompanies and aids Hibiki on her expedition to Serpentcoil Island.

  • Tugai

    The bombastic Captain of the Black Shark Pirates. He's brought his crew to Serpentcoil Island with the intention of claiming every last bit of treasure for himself.

  • Seki

    The leader of a group of ninja living covertly on Serpentcoil Island.
    Despite her exceptional skills as a ninja, she is best known for her kindness. She is beloved by her fellow ninja, who fondly refer to her as their Princess.

  • Kantenbo

    Leader of the Recluse Monks that reside on Serpentcoil Island.
    He claims that the island will be destroyed if Jakaku, a monster said to dwell deep within the island, is defeated. He is hostile towards those who come seeking the rumored treasure.


    • Mamel

      A mascot monster of the Shiren the Wanderer series. What it lacks in strength, it makes up for in cuteness.

    • Spearfish

      An Aquatic-type monster akin to merfolk.
      Not only can they traverse both land and water, but they become stronger and recover lost health with every turn they spend in the water. The more powerful forms of this monster will strategically retreat to the water to regain their health if given the chance.

    • Octopling

      An Aquatic-type monster that likes to pair up with other monsters.
      The more powerful forms of this monster get angry if their partner monster is defeated, and they will become stronger.
      Just like Spearfish, they also benefit from being in the water.

    • Death Reaper

      A creepy-looking monster with a huge scythe. It moves at double speed and is challenging to shake off since it floats through the air and over water.
      Because it is a Ghost-type monster, players can damage it by throwing Herbs and other items that restore HP at it.

    • Ghost Radish

      A monster that throws Grass causing status ailments.
      Level 1 Ghost Radishes throw Poison Grass, which lowers Shiren's strength and slows him down, while higher-level versions throw Grass such as Confusion Grass and Sedating Grass.

    • Hat Urchin

      A mischievous monster that takes Shiren's belongings and throws them around.
      The Hat Urchin targets only Shiren's Stave, but the level 2 Hat Prankster targets both Staves and Grass. As the level increases, the types of items targeted become more varied.